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A Few More Photos of Fascinating Bugs

Bed bugs are the most notorious bugs in the world, they can hide very well and mostly nocturnal bugs, which make them a very hard subject of photography. Also, if you want to take pictures of them it is not recommended to bring them at home since they multiply very quickly and can infest your […]

Photos of Different Ants

Ants are observed all around the globe, from the greatest deserts. They can be found by us in our houses, in our backyards, as well as in our workplaces. Ants live in colonies as well as one colony could have over a million ants. There are many distinct kinds of ants. A few of the […]


While termites look like ants, they are  not. Termites are a different species that is distantly related to ants. They feed on wood and are known to cause excessive damage to houses and wooden structures in North America. They are an excellent species to photograph.  Termites- White Ants


Cockroaches are one of the most common species of insects out there. They have adapted perfectly to almost all environments around the world. Every part of the world has different roaches that have adapted in urban environments. This is a closeup of an American Cockroach. The most common types are the America, Brown-Banded and German […]

Bed Bugs

While bed bugs are considered a pest and rightfully so, they are an excellent subject for photography. Their physical and behavioural charactertics make them difficuly to find to take pictures off. We got these photos from bed bug control markham.  The image was from a bed bug inspection. Image courtesy of